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Job Description of Lecturer

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Employment responsibilities:

• Arrange and carry out practicals in the designated field.

• Ensure that the lab is maintained in accordance with cG.L.P.

• Ensure that the lab is equipped with the relevant chemicals and equipment.

• Ensure that the practical work-related courses are finished on schedule for the person in question.

• Enter the practical attendance of the students into CMS.

• Create a demand at the store for the glasses, tools, and chemicals needed for the practical work.

• Should a machine or instrument malfunction, the Maintenance Department must receive a Repair Maintenance form.

• Assign tasks to the lab assistant or technician.

• Coordinate syllabi and practical matters with the subject teacher.

• Verify the store demand slip, inventory, breakage, repair/maintenance record, calibration, and amendment sheet records.

Employment Details:

Sector:                                        Education/Training

Functional Area:                       Education, Training, and Development for Teachers

Number of Positions:              1

Job Shift:                                   First Shift (Day)

Type of Job:                              Full-Time/Permanent

Department:                             Rasheed Input Processing Systems-Islamabad

Position Location:                   Islamabad, Lahore, Pakistan

Gender:                                     None Preference

Requirements for Minimum Education:         Pharm-D

Degree Title:                            Accredited Pharm D program from Healthcare Education Consortium college or other establishment

Professional Level:                Entry Level  A minimum of one year of experience

Submit an application before:    December 5, 2023

Date of Posting:                            November 29, 2023