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Job Description of Assistant Director

Are you an experienced professional in personal development? If so, you have the chance to pursue an exciting career!

Work Qualifications:

M.Phil. or Master’s degree in education or a related field from an institution accredited by HEC

Job Experience:

Five years minimum of related experience

Employment responsibilities:

1. The Standard Riphah Mentoring Scheme

2. The scheme’s design and development

3. The creation and design of the instruments (guidebooks, forms, formats, reading lists, etc.)

4. Creating and refining the qualitative analysis and scheme evaluation in departments

5. Ensure that the standard method is implemented and carried out without a hitch.

6. Carry out departmental qualitative assessment and evaluation

7. Coordinate with the Tarbiyah Managers and Heads on Campus to guarantee the smooth and successful conduct of Mentoring Sessions in departments and faculty.

8. Create and develop the mentors’ modular training in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Riphah Mentoring Standard Scheme.

9. Create and create the engaging, hands-on character development and life skills training for the pupils.

10. Oversee the Activities of the Riphah Quran Society